Related Research Activities

  • Completion of Analysis from Field Initiated Project (2007 applicant cohort) with VA DARS, VA DBVI, MD DORS, and NC DVRS
  • Data construction for 2012 cohorts in Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, Texas, Delaware, and Kentucky
  • Develop new econometric methods to
    1. handle extremely confidential data (eg, SSA)
    2. measure effects of selection into “front door” of VR agency
  • Continue work on how to make methodology and results more accessible to non-economists

Additional Topics Under Review

  • Traumatic Brain Injury and Return on Investment
  • Counselors and ROI Modeling
  • ROI and Other dimensions of service (duration, expenditure, multiple service episodes)
  • VR and Non-labor market benefits
  • Interactions with available public and specialized transportation